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Insurance, Los Angeles, CA

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    Choice Insurance Agency

    Insurance, Los Angeles, CA

    Choice Insurance has represented many top rated insurance companies and has served the Los Angeles area since 1989, as an independent insurance broker providing excellent customer service and competitive low rates for auto insurance. Choice insurance is an independent insurance agency that informs and empowers people to select the most appropriate personal insurance products for their individual needs. With more than 100 providers, we offer access to auto, home, renter, life, motorcycle, ATV, recreational vehicle, travel, and watercraft insurance.  Please give us a call today at (866) 206-2840 for a free quote We serve in Los Angeles,CA.

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  • Frequent Questions

    What is Comprehensive & Collision?


    Comprehensive (COMP): Coverage includes theft, vandalism, fire,
    Collision (COLL) Coverage includes glass breakage, and other damages caused by any collision This coverage also called (Physical damage) and it is required by the financing company if you use your car as collateral. This coverage offered by insurance company priced by your share of payment when the accident happened your share call (DEDUCTIBLE), you can have the choice of $100 to $1,000 deductible. Higher deductible lower price, the limited of coverage is up to the ACTUAL CASH VALUE (ACV) of the vehicle at the time of the accident   minus your DEDUCTIBLE.

    What is the Medi-Cal Payment?


    This coverage is for the policy holder and the passengers to cover the medical bill up to the limit, coverage will apply whether the policy holder is at fault or not. The limit of the coverage is varying from $500 per person up to $5,000 per person.

    What Is Liability Insurance?


    This is the minimum insurance required by the state of California (California Insurance Code §11580.1b).